Why Sex Cams Continue To Grow In Popularity?

Since 1996, webcams have built an immense amount of popularity. In the same year, the first webcam
model was publically introduced. Jenny Ringley, a then Dickinson College student, established the first
adult webcam site. Ringley’s “JenniCam” would soon pave the way for dozens of other webcam sites.
Today, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of adult cam sites modeled after JenniCam.

Mom-And-Pop Porn Video Rental

Before the Internet, adult porn was difficult to come by. There were small mom-and-pop video rental
services that offered porno material to adult consumers. Men and women would pay a small fee to rent
a porn video for 24 hours.
While mom-and-pop porn video rental was popular at the time, it lacked adversity and convenience.
Consumers would not only have to rent porn videos but also had to return them before the 24-hour
grace period expired. If the porn video was turned in past the expiration period, consumers would face
monetary penalties. Sometimes the fee was $1 but nine times out of 10, it was the same amount as the
daily rental fee.

Internet Porn Changed Everything

With the introduction of internet porn, mom-and-pop adult entertainment video rentals were phased
out. Of course, most video rental services were not easy to nudge out of the adult entertainment
industry. Some hung on for several years, others lasted a decade longer.
Internet pornography would soon be accessible to all consumers worldwide. Wherever there was an
Internet connection and a computer, consumers could find porn materials.

Online Porn Materials
Initially, online pornography was comprised of written and video content. Porno e-books, blogs, and
videos were the go-to for consumers wanting to get a quick climatic fix.

It did not take long before consumers find the available selection of online porn videos and blogs
repetitive. Everywhere they looked, it was the same adult content. Fortunately, more porno sites began
to pop up all over the Internet. With more adult entertainment platforms, consumers could find an
endless supply of new content.

Even today, a fresh supply of porno content is available on the World Wide Web. But, there would soon
be something revolutionary to take its place.

Live Sex Cams

Live Amateur Sex Cams changed the adult entertainment industry for the better. Consumers were no
longer forced to watch pre-recorded adult videos or read pre-written porno blogs. Live porno cams gave
consumers more than they bargained for. At least, on a higher scale.

Professional and amateur porno cams are available to consumers around the world. Some are free while
others cost a few bucks to enjoy the extraordinary offerings. It truly depends on which route the
consumer wants to take. Regardless, there is a live porn cam available 24 hours a day.

Win-Win For Everyone

Live cams did not revolutionize the adult entertainment industry without impacting all consumers.
Contrary to belief, not everyone is into to pornography. Believe it or not, there are men who have no
interest in investing resources into watching porno. Let’s not forget about the millions of consumers
who never miss an opportunity to delve into a new porn flick.

While porno lovers got what they wanted, single mothers, college students, unemployed models, active
professional athletes, and part-time workers also prospered. Not only prospered but prospered greatly.

Sex cam sites needed fresh talent to fill their rosters. What better way to do it than with people looking
to make a few extra bucks being an adult model? Everyone impacted by the live sex cam revolution was
expected to make a few extra dollars. However, they never expected to see the money flowing in. Some
adult models raked in millions while others made enough to pay their college debt and buy a new car.

Why Sex Cams Continue To Grow In Popularity?

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